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PA series of bottom water PA series of bottom water

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Water Series UV rework Water Series UV rework

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UV Series metal bottom water UV Series metal bottom water

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FP-998 UV water back

FP-998 UV water back


A, UV water back Description: This product is used in plastics, metal, wood and other large-scale spraying UV coated surface and bottom water bug fixes, excellent adhesion. The role of UV is not the original paint removed, but from linking to the original role of the film hinges on the re-UV spray UV, to attachment, can greatly improve the process yield, to save costs.

Two, UV water back Features: 1, Appearance: yellowish liquid 2, the viscosity (Iwata 2 # cup): 8 ± 1 seconds 3, low VOC emissions, less pollution, is the new green paint.

Three, UV water back to the construction process (1) coating process: (bad bad product → polished) surface cleaning spray → → spraying dry for 1-2 minutes turning → turn → IR UV varnish spray stream level (60 ± 10 ℃ × 4 ~ 6min) → UV curing (700 ± 100mj/cm2) → test, finished product. Construction Viscosity: 8 ± 1 seconds (Iwata Cup # 2) working pressure :3-4Kg / cm2 (2) Construction requirements: 1 turn to use the same UV spray finish; 2, defective products polished with white oil cloth surface, to protect its clean enough; 3, attention turned spray coating thickness, usually with low-flow, cross-shaped spray evenly; 4, turn the UV spray finish to protect the gloss and other appearance in the case, as better than normal spray paint thinner.

Four, UV water back Packing: 4 L / cards 18 L / drum 25 kg / barrel.

Five, UV water back Note: 1, Avoid contact with eyes or skin, such as inadvertently stained, with plenty of water and soap and water, if necessary, seek immediate medical attention. 2, the product shelf life is 12 months, should be stored in a cool (30 ℃ or less) dark place, well-ventilated place away from sources of ignition. 3, the water is turned back in time sealed in order to avoid failure.


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